Sami Clarke


Form your best version of yourself with Sami Clarke, certified health, wellness, and fitness trainer committed to guiding you toward a healthier lifestyle. Formerly a model, Sami transitioned her focus to training, earning her certificate in Mat Pilates, ISSA Certified Fitness and accumulating years of experience crafting invigorating workouts both in-person and on YouTube.

After discovering the power of 30-minute workouts, Sami set out to empower busy women with the tools, support, and motivation to unlock their confidence and feel their best. With a holistic approach to wellness, Sami focuses on the nourishment of her mind, body, and soul, and connecting her fitness routine with clean eating.

Sami Bernstein Spalter


Meet Sami Bernstein Spalter, not only a co-founder of FORM and self-proclaimed “#1 FORM customer”, but also the true embodiment of what showing up for yourself and using FORM to the fullest can feel like. Over the last few years, Sami immersed herself in a profound wellness journey, shedding 80 pounds and fueling her passion for positive impact.

Much of her success, she attributes to religiously following FORM’s weekly schedule and embracing all the mindfulness and nutrition goodness that allows her to continue being her best self. Now, as one of the driving forces behind FORM, Sami leverages her personal transformation to guide the brand’s mission of empowering lives and transforming well-being.