What is FORM?

Welcome! FORM is your digital platform for all things fitness, wellness, and self-love. FORM will provide you with the support, information, and motivation you need to feel your best self. In the FORM platform you’ll find hundreds of workouts and wellness classes, as well as hundreds of nutritional recipes and meal plans. We’re so excited for you & your wellness journey.


How many workouts are available on the FORM platform?

FORM offers over 300+ workouts spanning various training styles. We’re constantly recording new videos so you can ensure your routine is always fresh and rotating! 


What types of workouts can I find on the platform?

FORM provides a diverse range of workouts for both beginners to advanced classes. Strength training, Pilates, stretching, HIIT, warm-up sessions, and cool-down exercises you name it! 


Does FORM offer nutrition-related content?

Yes! We’re so excited to offer delicious recipes to suit all goals and dietary requirements. From new weekly recipes, meal plans, and valuable nutrition tips you’ll fuel your body, elevate your energy, and boost your mood.


What other features are available on FORM?

In addition to workouts and nutrition content, FORM also offers guided meditations to enhance your overall well-being and relaxation experience.


What types of challenges are available on FORM?

Every month, we launch a new and spicy 7-day challenge. Additionally, every quarter we introduce challenges with fresh workouts and recipes to keep your fitness journey exciting and varied. 


What membership options are available?

At FORM, we’re all about flexibility. That’s why we offer two membership options: a monthly subscription priced at $22 per month or an annual subscription at $119.


What equipment is recommended for the workouts?

We recommend having a booty band, 3-15 lb dumbbells, and ankle weights to make the most out of your workout offerings. Don’t have access to equipment? No stress, search through our Equipment Free workouts for alternatives there’s plenty to pick from.


How do I cancel my subscription?

We’re sorry to see you go! The steps to cancel your FORM subscription will depend on how you signed up. For detailed instructions, please visit our cancellation page here


How do I join the WhatsApp community?

Our FORM WhatsApp groups are exclusive to our FORM Fam, and we can’t wait to have you in there! To join, find your city here and join the general group here


Can I use the Black Friday code if I’m already a member?

If you are currently a monthly subscriber, you can switch over to an annual membership with the Black Friday code on your web browser or by emailing support@joinform.com If you are already an annual subscriber, you will need to wait until your membership is up and see if we are running another sale then to add!