Daily Check In Journal


Bringing all of Sami‘s favorite journal prompts to you!

Take time out of your day to create intentions, build habits, and form the best version of yourself with our FORM journal.

Every morning when you wake up, you’ll check-in with yourself using our daily prompts. Each page has room for you to note your thoughts, feelings, goals, and the things you’re grateful for.


Get to know our prompts that will engage your focus in different areas of your life below.

  • Your Daily Form of Intention: Choose a word that explains how you want your mindset to be that day.
  • Your Daily Form of Self Care: This is where you’ll write out 1-3 acts of self care for the day.
  • Your Daily Form of Wellness: Here you’ll focus on creating healthy nutritional habits and incorporating small changes into your daily life.
  • Your Daily Form of Gratitude: What are you grateful for today?
  • Your Daily Form of Movement: Stay motivated and set yourself up for success by writing your daily movement goal for the day.
  • Your Daily Form of Love: We’re asking you to write down someone that you're thinking of that day (and encouraging you to reach out!)
  • Free Your Mind: A section for you to let all those thoughts and feelings swirling inside your head out.
  • To-Do List: Create your daily to-do list to help hold yourself accountable.
  • I Will Accomplish: Focus on the 3 priorities that you are committed to getting done that day.


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