Palo Santo & Lighter Bundle


Form your fire with our exclusive Palo Santo and Lighter Bundle. Featuring 3 sticks bundled with white rope and a classic black FORM lighter with text. Burn for when you want to clear negative energy and promote a more calm and tranquil space — one of Sami’s favorite wellness habits.

Get the Words of Wellness Cards + Palo Santo & Lighter Bundle for only $30 when you add both to your cart (discount automatically applied at checkout).


To use, ignite one Palo Santo stick using your FORM Lighter. Gently blow out and distribute smoke throughout your space. When finished, place your stick on a non-flammable surface for future use and then enjoy the serenity.


Bursera graveolens tree sicks native to South America. Known for its subtle, sweet, and woody scent with hints of mint and citrus.

Care Instructions

Use your Palo Santo until it’s unable to light again!

Take it from them.

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